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Taeseo Enterprise founded

Kerosene heaters & cookers production began

Developed new models (TS-series)

Started exporting kerosene heater to Middle East countries

Accomplished 2 Billion Won of sales amount

Company name changed to Taeseo Electric Co., Ltd.

Expanded export items

Launched into export to South American countries

Exported kerosene cooker to U.S.A.

Accomplished export sales over one (1) million U.S. Dollars

*Won the prize for 1 million-export performances from MOCIE of R.O.K.

Yongin Plant completed

Mobile Phone Travel Adapter production began

Exported to Sweden and other European countries

Mobile Phone Division separated and established a sister company,

"Marina TeleTech. Co., Ltd."

Designated as an Export-oriented enterprise by

Korean governmental organization.

Exported kerosene heaters to Iraq via the U.N.

Acquired ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certification

Developed new models (TS-757)

*Won the Prize for 3 million-export performance from MOCIE of R.O.K.

Developed new models (TS-460 series)

Developed new models (Near Infrared Ray Heaters)

Developed new models (TS-707G & TS-770 series)

*Won the prize for 5 million-export performances from MKE of R.O.K.

Developed new models (TS-9000)